The 4 Best Ways to Market Your Part-Time Business

4 Ways to Market Your Part TIme BusinessIt is often an argument on what is the most important thing to focus on when tying to develop a thriving business. Some will say having the best product, marketing, management team and others will say the best price. All of those components are very important but it is not the most important piece of the puzzle by far.

No matter how great your product is and how much it costs the most important factor for any business to thrive is effective it it marketing. If people don’t know your business exist, having the best cupcakes in the work won’t matter (don’t know why I picked that example but I just be hungry lol).

The Best 4 Ways to Market your Part-Time business are:

  1. Blogging – A blog is one way to let the world know what you are doing and how you can be beneficial to your potential clients/customers. 
  2. Creating Videos – YouTube is the second largest search platform in the world second only to Google (and Google owns YouTube). Over 1 Billion people visit YouTube a month. Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth, and 50% more than last year. People are searching everyday how to grow better tomatoes, fix their dray wall or how to hug a cow (hey it could be possible). By providing useful information you can easily gain more customers by being viewed as an expert.
  3. Meeting People – In today’s technology heavy world we forget one of the most important things we can do to expand our business and that is just meet people. And when I say meet people just not any people but the right type of people. The type of people that can potentially be a customer or just help you expand your business. Most  people don’t realize it but networking is a skill that can be improved and developed.
  4. Podcasting – Podcasting is becoming one of the best ways to deliver content in an audio format. If you aren’t familiar with podcasting it is essentially on-demand radio. Podcasting has been made popular by such platforms as iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Unlike video, people are able to consume this information while driving to work, cutting the grass, working out or milking cows (I don’t know what’s up with me and cows today) but you get the point. Again you can provide valuable content for busy people even on the go.

I don’t believe you have to do all four in the beginning but you at least want to be good at one of those areas of marketing.

Where you can learn more about blogging, networking, videos and podcasting

I was excited to see that the fellas over at is releasing their Be Everywhere Bundle today. It’ll serve the huge market of people who have an idea – or have started a platform (a least tried to) – and need help to focus that concept and move it onto other platforms to grow their audience. It is very simple, the more people that know about what you offer the more money you will make (as long as what you offer doesn’t sucks of course).

So here is what you can expect in this Be Everywhere Bundle:

Pat Flynn is contributing a portion of his very first premium course – which is really exciting! It’s called Breakthrough Blogging – and is exactly what many people need to get over there “blogging wall.”
  • It’s targeted at bloggers who have started, but hit a plateau or aren’t seeing the results they want. This unique positions it apart from the more popular “how to start a blog” targeting.
  • The course lessons follow Growth, Time/productivity, Mental challenges, Skill/knowledge, and People skills.
  • Will have comments and interactions on each lesson for the community.
  • FAQ section for bloggers who are stuck to leave their questions and get answers.
Scott Dinsmore is handpicking (along with us) four of the modules from his $500 How to Connect With Anyone training. Scott is widely considered on of the leaders in helping entrepreneurs build genuine connections in our niche – and does a fantastic job at making a vague topic incredibly tangible with worksheets and extra videos to study.
  • Creating Your Relationship Road Map, Setting Up Your Tools & Integrating to Daily Life.
  • Overcoming Approach Anxiety & Creating Instant Rapport
  • Creating Referrals & Enlisting the Help of Others
  • Creating Genuine Online Connections
Stillmotion is an emmy-award winning production studio that also helps train professional filmmakers on how to tell deeper stories. Adam Baker worked with them to create a series of training modules called Better Web Videos - targeted for the smallest and simplest changes bloggers, authors, and speakers could make to have a huge impact on the videos they produce for their platforms.
  • Content focused on people creating “talking head” videos into camera (80-90% of all videos produced by content creators).
  • Covers everything from webcam/iPhone up to beginning DSLR options for filmmakers. Focuses gear recommendations of strategically saving money (getting the full use out of the $50 option before buying the $500) etc…
  • Modules on Audio, Lighting (with completely demo), Camera, and Content.
Gideon Shalwick is revamping his popular Rapid Video Blogging course – and he’s putting it all inside of this bundle! Why we love this, is because Stillmotion’s contribution only talks about how to make a higher quality video – but Gideon’s focused more on the content and how to get traffic, relationships, and momentum once you place it online.


  • Video Domination Hub, which is a system for taking advantage of the relationships you’ve built and generating leads from them to your videos
  • How to create content that gets people to take action – especially in your videos.
  • Viral videos and theory, including why videos go viral.
  • Monetization strategies for your online videos.


Cathy Presland is the creator of one of the top courses on Udemy (in any niche) – this one happens to be called Publish Your Book on Kindle. We knew we wanted an authority of self-publishing, as so many content creators are shifting to take advantage of that – and right now Kindle is King. (And Cathy is Queen of Kindle publishing).
  • What book you should write – even if you think you already know – so that you reach more people
  • How a book fits into your bigger picture. Whether it’s to promote your business, whether it’s purely for profit, and how you can lever it for new opportunities
  • How to make the writing easy with frameworks to organise the content you already have and productivity tips that mean you WILL finish that book!
  • How to format your book, design the perfect cover, and position your categories and keywords.
  • 98 lectures and over 13 hours of content.
Cliff Ravenscraft’s name is essentially synonymous with podcasting. Cliff = podcasting. So when we wanted to include premium content for those looking for podcasting information, we had only one place to look! Pat’s including a *ridiculously* large bundle of his premium podcasting training!
  • Before You Record Your First Episode — This includes audio and PDF content and has only been available to Cliff’s Podcasting A-Z clients.
  • WordPress for Podcasters – Walks you through everything you need to do with your blog in order to host your podcast’s feed.
  • Equipment Options for Every Budget – Regardless of your budget, Cliff walks you through every option to consider when it comes to getting the right equipment to do your podcast.
  • Mixer Basics – Walks you through everything you need to know about a mixer.  How to use it, what each dial/knob/button does and how to set it up.
  • Podcasters Guide to Recording: Co-Hosts, Guests and Telephone Interviews – Goes through the difference between each, how to use each for your show, and the sound quality that’s acceptable for each.
  • Passive Income for Podcasters – strategies and tactics for earning a passive income from your podcast.

 Now here is the catch that everyone has been waiting for

This exact bundle is only available for 72 Hours, hence the name So if you want to take advantage of this sale I would say do it because it will not be available after July 3rd, 2013.


To learn more about the bundle make sure to visit (affiliate link).


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