What is the powerofparttime.tv?

This is a web based interview show that is dedicated to part-time entrepreneurs

Huh??? What is a part-time entrepreneur?

A person that has entrepreneurial drive but they run their business as a “Side Hustle”. So this means that have a full time job, they go to school full time, they stay at home with kids or something like that.

So what can we expect on the powerofparttime.tv?

Once a week I will interview the following type of person:

  • Someone finding success with their side hustle
  • Someone whose side hustle turned into a full time gig
  • or someone that has something beneficial to teach a part time entrepreneur

I will also add other content sporadically throughout week that will be valuetaining.

What the f#@$ is valuetaining?

No need to get hostile. Geez.  I will provide content that will provide value and hopefully be entertaining at the same time to a part time entrepreneur.

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Want to learn more about the Host David Hutcherson?

about_the_hostHere is a post I wrote that really dives more into my background and my philosophy on entrepreneurship and side hustles. (Spoiler alert: in that post you will learn about how I missed out on the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry).

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