This is a guest post from Mike Ambassador Bruny who I actually featured on Episode 23 and since he had so much knowledge on being how to be a brand ambassador that asked him to write a post on how others can duplicate his success. Take it away Mike…


brand-youYou may be looking to leave your job or just create another stream of income as a side hustler. Either way you already know the importance of how you are perceived at work and in the marketplace.  I like to call that your reputation.


Related to your reputation is also your brand, how you want to be known and seen. Ideally the two match.  I’ll focus on the branding side of things below.


I spent 8 years working as an operations manager for Intel.  That wasn’t the ideal job for a dude with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s in Sport Management.  I actually took the position after working for a start-up that could not afford to pay me any longer.  It was really supposed to be a bridge job while I built my empire.  8 years later, I was still there, but had totally transformed my role to do things on my own terms.


I wasn’t happy as an Operations Manager until I decided to bring more of myself to work and be more of who I truly am.  That is the first step in building your brand; get clear on who you are and what you value.  Sure you can make up a brand and how you want to be perceived but it’s much easier to start from who you really are.  In other words, if you are a total jerk and decide your brand is going to be around being an ultra nice guy, not only will the people not believe you, you’ll have internal conflict. Some call this conflict, living a divided life.


Once you’re clear on who you, it’s time to use the 7 skills I’ve listed below to become a “Brand Inside a Brand.”


1. Thought Leadership: Let the people know what you know.


2. Storytelling: Connect what you want to share with a bit of emotion and in a way that connects with your audience


3. Social Media: Use social media as a tool to amplify your message and also connect with your people.


4. Community Building: Be the one who pulls people together under the banner of what you stand for.


5. Relationship Building: You need support!  Identify those who are heading in the same path as you or have arrived where you want to be in the next few years.  Learn to cross department lines but just having coffee with people.


6. Project Management: Say, “yes,” to opportunities that haven’t been done before.  It’s a great way to shine, add value and build those relationships we spoke about earlier.


7. Time Management: Get clear on your priorities and let your actions reflect them.  You can’t actually manage time as it just keeps moving, but you can manage yourself and what you choose to focus on.  


Those are the 7 skills that will help you to build the foundation needed to make a name for yourself inside your company while you build your own.  At the end of the day, being a brand inside a brand is about honoring yourself and adding value.


About the Author
mike brunyMike Ambassador Bruny helps working professionals who are looking to have more impact, build more connections and increase their career options by teaching them how to become a brand inside a brand. You can learn more about his work at
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