Episode 48 – How To Land a Client Without Experience or a Website w/ Devesh Khanal

Devesh KhanalDevesh Khanal was referred to us by Bryan Harris on Episode 45 because he is the only person he knew who took action on a business idea that he literally handed to him. Before he became a raising entrepreneurial star, he was known as the science guy. While pursuing his PHD in Material Science he started freelancing on the side by doing PowerPoint Design/Consulting. That was five years ago. He has evolved his freelancing business a lot since then and now focuses on conversion optimization.

In this interview with Devesh Khanal we talk about:

  • How he pursued a doctorate and a side hustle at the same time
  • How his side hustle lead to a partnership with a start up
  • At what point you declare a business idea an failure
  • What is conversion optimization
  • How to pitch a client from a cold email
  • How to become an expert in any field
  • How to start a business without experience or a website
  • When a client should bring up pricing
  • How to upgrade your clients to more expensive packages
  • And much more…


Cool links mentioned in the show:


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  • Avelardo Arturo Lopez

    Two thumbs up on this episode. Super helpful. I love the ideas of starting something small and simple.

    • http://deveshdesign.com DeveshKhanal

      Glad you found it useful Avelardo! Would love to know what next steps you’ll be taking on growing your business!

      • David Hutcherson


        David Hutcherson
        “The 5 to 9 Warrior”

      • http://avelardolopez.com/ Avelardo Arturo Lopez

        Well, I am still at ground ‘0’. For a while I have been trying to see if any of my projects can make any noise to get some attention. My project(s) are really large. And it appears that I will have to stretch myself very thin. Although many say that it is going to be nearly impossible, I think otherwise. In the past I have been able to manage/hold/balance a very large plate. So I have created a new one for the new amazing future. Feel free to check any of my projects under development out.
        1- AvelardoLopez.com
        2- WYDaddy.com
        3- DrSuave.com
        4- SirArthurTux.com

        For the most part, they lack content. I am still pushing myself past the lack of growth with the content that I have made. Am now just going to focus on making it all happen. Behind these 4 projects there are over 20 YouTube Channels, and a Google+ & Facebook page for each of them. As well 4 twitter accounts, Patreon, etc. And am currently thinking though how to add Stitcher to all of this. I am not sure if I am going to make multiple Stitcher accounts for each, or just one big one to bring them all together. And am trying to figure out how to create a health platform as well for a MLM that I want to restart again, but this time online.

        The sad part about all of this, is that I am currently broke, have no money coming in right now from any of this. And have been currently been working odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. Threw everything back into storage and moved back home in with my parents at the age of 35, still fighting for child custody of my son, eating bologna sandwiches on occasions, and sometime a little better if i can.

        There are moments & days where I just want to give up. Like wondering if anyone out there is even paying attention. But I refuse to give up.

        I am at a point where I will have to go out and get a job to help me get back on my feet, while on the side trying to work on all of these projects. I am very sad about making that decision, as time is tight as it is right now, imagine how much more restricted it will be once I get back to work. Well, hopefully it will only be for a while. God willing of course.

        Here is a link to a YouTube video that I made for an Indiegogo campaign that I made not to long ago in hopes to try to get this all off the ground a little easier. Only earned a measly $0.88 cents. But this video can help explain what this whole project(s) are all about.


        • http://deveshdesign.com DeveshKhanal

          Avelardo, what is your best monetization strategy for any of these websites? Like what’s the most likely top 2 business to earn money for you first? (Make your best guess)

          • http://avelardolopez.com/ Avelardo Arturo Lopez

            I think that it could be DrSuave.com & SirArthurTux.com

          • http://deveshdesign.com DeveshKhanal

            Avelardo, just checked out your sites…I think you may need to change some things…let’s continue over email, can you email me: http://deveshdesign.com/contact/

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