Episode 1 – From Part-Time Entrepreneur to $1 Million Dollars in Revenue w/ Brandon Borso

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Brandon BorsoSo excited to kick off the 1st episode of The Power of Part-Time show dedicated to the Part-time entrepreneur (aka those with a side hustle). To see what this show is all about make sure to visit the about page.

Meet Brandon Borso, he is the founder and owner of Muscle Marketing Co. Muscle Marketing Co is an out of home marketing company based in California that focuses on out of advertising on billboards, buses, stadiums and etc all over the globe.

He started his company on the side in 2008 while working for a restaurant company doing media buys. In 2012, his company did just under $1 million dollars in revenue and in this interview he explains how he got there.

From us humble beginnings of not know what he was really doing and struggling to making sales by implementing a few strategies that eventually lead to his success in 2012. This will be a good one, enjoy.

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