Episode 10 – Developing A Side Hustle To A Six Figure Business w/ Jullien Gordon

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Jullien Gordon

Jullien Gordon, a side hustla true at heart, joins us today on the episode to share his story and a wealth of knowledge that extends well beyond his years. He has done so much that this brief introduction will not do him any justice. He is originally from Oakland, California and attended UCLA for undergraduate school. This officially started his side hustle journey because while in school he sold everything from hats, t-shirts, agenda books, programs, parties and so much more. After his time at UCLA, Jullien worked for a nonprofit before pursuing his MBA at Stanford University. At Stanford, he was able to learn the language and thought process to transform all of his past entrepreneur endeavors into future successes.


Upon graduation, Jullien took employment, which he called his “bridge job”, with the full intention of leaving in 18 months. This was something that he was very open about with his employer at the time and they were very accommodating since he proved himself to be a high performer. During his 18 month tenure at his “9 to 5″, he developed and grew a multidivisional business that includes college speaking, corporate consulting, and coaching current side hustlers.


Jullien is now working on his six figure a year business full-time and has been featured on Ted, Forbes, MSNBC, Black Enterprise and so many other places. He is currently taking side hustling to whole new level with the recent release of his program called B.P.A.I.D. This is a 3-week online business planning program for entrepreneurial employees who want to use their unique gifts, talents, strengths, and skills to make more income consulting + coaching on the side. Jullien guides you through The 9 Side Steps to create your B.P.A.I.D. (Business Plan and Implementation Document) so you can hustle smarter and earn extra income.
In this episode we talk about:
  • What’s a bridge job
  • How to get more out of your current job
  • Why your job is your largest client but not your only client
  • The 4 things you need to look at when analyzing a job
  • How the younger generation is outgrowing the cubicle
  • Passion + (fill in the blank) = Money
  • How side hustlers aka part-time entrepreneurs create jobs
  • Diversifying your income sources
  • How to get a guided tour upon launching your side hustle

Cool Things mentioned in the show:

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