Episode 11 – How a Part-Time Entrepreneur Created a $1 Million a Year Distribution Company w/ Jonathan Hill

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Branched jonathan hillToday’s episode features Jonathan Hill, a former employee in the recruitment industry, of Branched. Branched is an Australian based company that focuses on finding unique products from around the world and distributing to the Australian market. They are also rooted in giving back and eco friendly products.

Jon and his partner got the idea for their business after attending a party and seeing a friend wearing some really cool wooden sun glasses. They believed they were cool and figured other people would feel the same way. So they purchased some products at wholesale to test out their theory and boy were they right. From their humble roots and an initial start up money of $8,000 they have expanded and are on pace to do $1 million dollars in revenue this year.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How you can turn a cool idea into a business
  • What you should spend 80% of your time focusing on in your side hustle
  • Why you should outsource
  • If you don’t try you will never succeed
  • and so much more…

Cool things mentioned in the show:

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