Episode 14 – Why Freelancing Should Be Your Side Hustle w/ Tom Ewer

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tom ewerToday I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Ewer from leavingworkbehind.com. He is a 28 year old professional blogger and freelance writer from the U.K. He started his freelance business in June of 2011 while working a full-time job as property manager. He always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur but somehow that dream was deferred once he got older. To keep himself accountable, he created leavingworkbehind.com where he would keep track of his progress as an entrepreneur, finances and all. He started freelance writing with the plan to leave his full-time job within a year, but after some persistence and hard work he was able to quit his job in November of 2011,  a full six months ahead of schedule. The great thing about his story is that he was no where near an academic when he started freelance writing, he actually barely made it through college, but his story shows that with some dedication and determination anyone can make their dreams a reality.

In this episode with Tom Ewer we talk about:

  • The fastest way to make money as a part-time entrepreneur
  • How to pick a freelance niche
  • How to become a freelance writer
  • How to determine your minimal acceptable rate
  • How it feels once you go full-time
  • Why you should work to become lazy
  • The key to success
  • Why the income number you set to leave your job is too high
  • and much more…

Cool things mentioned in this episode:

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  • http://whatisaleg.com Candace Chira

    Wonderful interview. Got some really, really awesome tips. Kudos to both of you guys! I wasn’t familiar with the Problogger job board. How great is that for making extra money right away!

    You know what else I liked about this interview? Everything that was shared was PRACTICAL and REAL advice! Not some outrageous claims. That’s one of my pet peeves – when you are excited to receive some practical advice and the you are told to do things that don’t work for the average person.

    Thanks again. You did a great job as an interviewer as well David! Keep up the good work. :)

    • David Hutcherson

      Thank you so much for the kind words Candace. I truly enjoyed this interview for the exact same reason as you. Tom provided some really good practical and useful information that you could take action on immediately.

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