Episode 16 – From Side Hustlin’ in College to Digital Public Relations w/ Courtney McKenzie

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courtney mckenzie Today I have the pleasure of interviewing my good friend Courtney McKenzie. Courtney is currently the host of the Entrepreneur 2.0 podcast and the owner of a digital public relations and social media management firm, but her origins started with a side hustle in college. She always took apart of entrepreneurial endeavors since she was young, but while in college she started selling pageant accessories to pay for school.

Courtney McKenzie Why pageant accessories you say? Because Courtney is actually a former Beauty Queen. How many beauty queens turned entrepreneurs do you know? With her being so close to the industry her entrepreneurial bug kicked in, she saw an opportunity and she started profiting from the pageants (while winning them of course). Her competitive nature and desire to win is really coming into play as she dominates the entrepreneurial and podcast scene. You should really enjoy this episode because not only is Courtney a great entrepreneur she is also just a bundle of energy.

In this episode I talk with Courtney McKenzie about:

  • Why you should shoot first and ask questions later
  • What you need to find to skip the learning curve
  • Why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel
  • How to find a mentor
  • How to reposition yourself and your business
  • How to get high quality clients
  • How to avoid being a Wantapreneur
  • Is cat walking a viable side hustle (it will make sense in the episode)
  • And much more…

Cool things mentioned in the show:

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