Episode 20 – How to run a profitable blog with your spouse w/ Jeff and Mandy Rose

Jeff and Mandy RoseHave you ever thought about turning your hobby blog into a $17,000 a month side hustle? Well then this is the episode for you. I had the pleasure of sitting down with another power couple, they are considered the Jay-Z and Beyonce of blogging (well that’s what I consider them lol), Jeff and Mandy Rose from DollarsAndRoses.com. For his day gig, Jeff is a financial planner. He has been a financial planner for the past 10 years. Mandy worked in the healthcare industry before becoming a full-time blogger in 2011. Jeff and Mandy both started blogging in 2008. Jeff, as you can probably guessed, started blogging about finances while Mandy started blogging about family, home decor and lifestyle.

Jeff was the first to get the blogging bug. In 2008, he had no idea what a blog was but was drawn to it because of the ability for blogs to connect with a large audience of thousands and even millions of people. Shortly after getting started, he was able to convince Mandy to hop on blogging’s bandwagon as well. She wasn’t easily convinced about this whole “blogging thing” but decided to support her husband and give it a try. Things really changed for Mandy after attending a conference in 2011 and seeing that a really good blog can help you develop some really strong relationships and have an impact on communities of all sizes.

After struggling in the beginning, they now have created a successful blog bringing in thousands of readers and dollars per month. The cool thing is that their blog is built on the foundation of accountability, progress, truth and transparency. Their goal at DollarsAndRoses.com is to show you how to turn your hobby blogging into some real money.

In this episode with Jeff and Mandy Rose we discuss:

  • Why you should think long term when you start a blog
  • The dynamics of being an entrepreneur vs an employee
  • How you can blog about whatever you like and still be successful
  • How to turn your blogging success into other successful ventures
  • How Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog inspired the Dollars and Roses blog
  • How to build a successful business with your spouse
  • Why you shouldn’t start a blog if you need to make money right away
  • And much more…

Cool things mentioned in this episode:

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