Episode 21 – Why You Should Cancel Your Friday Night Plans and Start a Side Hustle w/ Melissa Witmer

Melissa WitmerLet me introduce you to Melissa Witmer. Melissa runs a membership site dedicated to strength and condition for Ultimate Frisbee players. Yes folks, that is right, Ultimate Frisbee. Melissa is a prime of example that it is possible to follow your passion, no matter how obscure it might sound to others, solve a problem and turn it thriving business.

Prior to running this business full-time, it started as a part-time gig (aka side hustle) while she was adjunct professor at a community college in her town. This is where Melissa first started utilizing her Master  of chemistry degree. While she didn’t mind working at the college, she knew it was something she couldn’t do forever because it left her feeling so unfulfilled. That is when she turned to entrepreneurship. Fast forward to today, three years later, she was able to walk away from working a 9 to 5 so she could build her own business on a full-time basis.

In this episode with Melissa Witmer we talk about:

  • Why you should pay attention to the one thing you can’t stop doing
  • How being desperate can be a good idea
  • Why you should give yourself a deadline
  • How not knowing anything about business can be to your advantage
  • How you can start a business as an experiment
  • What is the best resource to learn about business
  • What’s the most important component of any business
  • Why you shouldn’t go full-time right away
  • How you are probably wasting your time
  • “You don’t have a business until you have a customer” (Click to Tweet)
  • Why you should cancel your Friday Night Plans
  • And Much More…

Cool things mentioned in the show:

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