Episode 23 – How to Side Hustle Your Way Through Adversity w/ Mike Ambassador Bruny

mike brunyWe need more people wearing bow ties in this world and I believe I found the perfect Ambassador for the movement. Meet Mike Ambassador Bruny. He is a author, certified life coach, speaker, conference networker, man of service, husband and a soon to be father. As you can see he wears a lot of different hats (well in this case, I guess it would be more appropriate to say bow ties) and all of these skills has helped him excel in various aspects of his life.

For the last 8 years, Mike has worked as an operations manager, but due to some of his skills he has learned from his side hustle, he was able to move into a role as an ambassador for Intel. His ability to bridge gaps and connect people has been very beneficial in this role. Even though he is excited to be an ambassador for Intel and help shape what the program will look like down the line, his future at the company is uncertain.

He was laid off from his operations role because the local Intel office where he reported to closed. He is still employed by Intel as an Ambassador, but the funding for the ambassadorship program is in jeopardy for 2014. Mike is fully transparent and shares how he is dealing with this moment of adversity.

So sit back and enjoy this episode because this one will not only be full of tips and tactics but also inspiration as well.

In this interview with Mike Ambassador Bruny we talk about:

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  • http://www.robertdstrong.com/reviews/famous-entrepreneurs-inspire/ Robert David Strong

    Hi David,

    What a great interview, this is a very refreshing video that anyone can find some really good nuggets from! I love his story, it is very inspirational!

    I am looking forward to seeing even more episodes!

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