Episode 27 – From $52,000 to Debt Free in 18 Months While Side Hustlin w/ Deacon Hayes

Deacon HayesToday’s guest along with his wife, found themselves in $52,000 worth of debt outside of their mortgage and was able to eliminate it in just 18 months. It seemed like an impossible goal at the time but they were able to do it by to making more money, decreasing their expenses and selling stuff that they didn’t need. This great deed has led my guest to being featured on the US News and World Report and Fox News. He enjoyed the process of breaking the bonds of debt so much, he decided to turn it into a career. He was able quit his job as a Financial Planner and become a full-time entrepreneur helping people get on track with their finances. It’s my pleasure to share with you the story of the one and only Deacon Hayes.

In this interview with Deacon Hayes we talk about:

  • Who is the person he looked up to the most in personal finance when getting started
  • How most people end up in debt
  • “Your success depends on your willingness to sacrifice”
  • Why you have to focus on making more money to get out of debt fast
  • How press can force you into entrepreneurship
  • How to turn your story into an income stream
  • “You don’t have to have a ton of money to have financial freedom”
  • “If you are going to do something on the side do something that you actually enjoy”
  • Why you should get out of debt before starting your part-time business
  • “Don’t just quit your job. Make a plan and act on it.”
  •  And Much More…

Cool things mentioned in this episode:

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