Episode 31 – What it Means to Be Unmistakably Creative w/ Srini Rao

Srini-RaoEvery once in awhile the best decision we can make in life is to take the scenic route. Sometimes the decision isn’t our own, but still a good decision none the less. Usually it is while taking the scenic route that we find pleasures that we would have never found if we were to stay on the straight and narrow path. In a sense, the journey brings fulfillment while the destination just becomes a by product of enjoying the ride. Today I have the honor of sitting down and talking with some who has embraced the scenic route and became it’s unofficial tour guide. Meet Srini Rao who is a surfer, a Wall Street Journal and Amazon best selling author, the show host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast which receives over 10k downloads per episode, has been feature on TV and is a creative misfit. His journey has been an inspiration to many and it was a honor to be a part of that journey for 45 minutes.

In this interview with Srini Rao we talk about:

  • What does it take to be an unmistakable creative
  • What is the difference between good enough and your absolute best
  • What to do when you reach a roadblock in life
  • “Creativity is an incredible coping mechanism when you are feeling lost or sick”
  • How he surfed his way to purpose
  • How succeeding in one aspect in your life and can help you succeed in others
  • How surfing can translate to life
  • “You have to be willing to show up for your art without ever getting a paycheck for it”
  • How our reward system is flawed
  • How to make sure you are more “Lucky”
  • When is enough enough
  • “You have to get to the point where the reward is the actual creation process itself and the by product is what you actually created.“
  • “If we are always trying to get to somewhere else, how can we appreciate where we are at?”
  • What made him pivot his brand and his business
  • The business model behind Srini’s business
  • “It’s not about making money it’s about creating things that really matter”
  • How Srini dealt with depression
  • What happens when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone
  • What’s to come for podcasting in 2014
  • And so much more…

Cool things mentioned in this episode:

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