Episode 34 – How To Find Time For Your Side Hustle (Back Stage Pass)

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no_timeIn today’s episode I actually tackle the topic of finding more time for your side hustle. During my 3 year part-time entrepreneurship journey, I have heard the phrase, “I don’t have enough time to build a business” at least 2.3 million times (give or take a few). Most people are lying when they are saying that and that is ok. If people want to argue for that limitation who am I to combat that. Then there is the minority of people that say they don’t have time and mean it and for them they just need to make some adjustments to utilize the time that they do have.

Here Are The 7 Steps to Find More Time for Your Side Hustle

  1. Determine why you are building a part-time business
  2. Track what you are spending your time on
  3. Analyze Busy vs Productive Activities
  4. Develop a not-to-do list
  5. Find time during work hours
  6. Find time before and/or after work
  7. Create a daily action plan

To download the presentation to get the details for each step click here.


Special shout out goes to Jullien Gordon and his B.P.A.I.D. Course for the inspiration to produce this episode.

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  • http://Www.TheFreelanceSpotlight.com Anthony Wells

    David, you got jokes….. I love the humor. I think this was one of the most valuable episodes, yet. As a side hustler you were spot on. You went back to college on this one, you could tell the research was there with lots of quotes, facts, etc. If there was one thing I would have done is add more segments, with the phat beats between them 15-30 secs maybe three. Those are potential sponsorship slots and/or kinda breaks the monotony, the quick beat will keep the audience engaged if they wander. Also maybe you should get a segment that someone else does a minute or two, kind of like the health and wellness seg that Pamela Levin does for me. I think it Also breaks the monotony and makes it feel like a show and not just talking heads. Sweet, super valuable show! Keep up the good work David Hutcherson.

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