Episode 37 – How Expanding Your Network Can Grow Your Side Hustle w/ Jeremy Gonsior

Jeremy GonsiorJeremy Gonsior currently works in the Pharmaceutical industry but has a background in journalism. He worked in journalism for a couple of years but when the economy started to tank he saw the writing on the wall for those in his field and decided to switch career paths. That switch landed him on the factory floor at a pharmaceutical company. He has worked his way up in that company, but it was his time on the factory floor that sparked his interest in starting a side hustle. 5 years ago his side business started as a public relations firm for small to mid range businesses. From it’s humble beginnings it has grown to content creation, copywriting and side hustle consulting services. He also just finished an eBook title The Ultimate Side Business Start Up Guide. Even though he has been running a side business for the past 5 years, He attributes his recent success to the network that he has been able to expand and cultivate.

In this interview with Jeremy Gonsior we talk about:

  • How he got his first customer through linkedin
  • How having a MBA can help your side hustle
  • “Collaborating with people is so important because they can help you…” (Quote)
  • “it’s exciting to see what you can do when you work together with other people” (Quote)
  • Why Jeremy started his side business
  • How to attract more people to your website
  • Why Jeremy wrote an eBook
  • “It’s all about the network and giving back.” (Quote)
  • “I think a side business is an awesome way to develop skills that you don’t have” (Quote)
  • “Side businesses are a great way to experiment and take risks but risks that aren’t that risky” (Quote)
  • Why you should start a side business
  • What are the positive and negative aspects of starting a side business
  • “Definitely give it a shot no matter what” (Quote)
  • And much more…

Cool things mentioned in the show:

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