Episode 4 – From Corporate Internet Advertising at AOL to Social Media Consulting W/ Rick Mulready

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WARNING – This episode contains some time sensitive information. If you are watching this on July 3rd 2013. After watching/listening to the episode click here to learn all about the sensitive information. 

Rick MulreadyIn episode 4, I had the great honor of sitting down and talking with Rick Mulready. Rick was in some form of corporate internet advertising for 12 years before going full-time into social media consulting and building other businesses online. He has worked at such companies as AOL, Yahoo and FunnyorDie.com

He first started building his company part-time by doing Facebook marketing consultant work. He since then has pivoted and now focuses more on social media as a whole. He has started a podcast called Inside Social Media Podcast. It is all about understanding and modeling how big brands leverage social media and how small businesses and entrepreneurs can use these powerful insights to strengthen and grow their own business.

In this episode we will discuss:

  • What was his “aha” moment that totally transformed his business. 
  • What a part-time entrepreneur needs to focus on in social media to be successful in 2013
  • How having a job is like being addicted to “crack” (yes I mean crack as in crack cocaine)
  • And much more …

Cool things also mentioned in this show:

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