Episode 6 – Former Teacher Makes $400-$600 Dollars A Day as a Fitness Entrepreneur W/ Joe Vennare

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Joe VennareToday we are going to hear from my main man (I feel like Ahmad Rashaad when I say that lol) Joe Vennare from The Hybrid Athlete.  He is a former high school teacher as well as a former fitness director at the YMCA. He started building his fitness empire with his partner and brother Anthony Vennare as a side hustle by offering personal training.

Since the company formed about 3 years go, they now offer digital training products, kettle bells, licensed fitness programs and fitness business consulting. Joe has even been recognized as one of the Top 10 Trainers in the industry.

At the time of this interview, their innovative fitness business model was generating anywhere from $400-$600 dollars a day using a very “unique” pricing model. Trust me you will want to hear more about it.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How being risky is the new safe
  • Building a business, not another job
  • How they built their business with out an email list, affiliate product sales or advertising on the website.
  • The “Pay What You Want” Pricing model
  • and much more…

Cool Things Mentioned in the show

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