Episode 9 – Building An Online Store While Working Full-Time At An Investment Bank w/ Terry Lin

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Terry LinIn today’s episode I had the honor of sitting down with Terry Lin from www.buildmyonlinestore.com. At the time of this interview he was working a full-time job at an investment banking company while building his eCommerce brand on the side. Terry currently hosts a podcast, runs an online store and offers consulting services to individuals and companies interested in running their own online store.



In this episode we talk about:

  • How he got started selling online in college
  • How after spending some time in the hospital he got started down his current path of entrepreneurship
  • The financial aspects necessary to build a part-time business
  • Why you should leave your job on good terms
  • Why you need to switch from a consumer to a producer to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Why you should consider taking advantage of kickstarter
  • What three things to consider when creating a product or service
  • Great advice for those getting started or getting ready to transition out of their job
  • and much much more…

Cool things mentioned on the show:

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