Episode 46 – How Blogging Helped Him Land His Dream Job w/ Leslie Samuel

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Leslie SamuelLeslie Samuel started his professional career as a high school science teacher while running a few blogs on the side. One of those blogs name is Interactive Biology. It is dedicated to helping those understand biology in a fun and simple way. He actually wanted to be an University Professor, but since he didn’t have a doctorate degree he didn’t believe that was a possibility for him. So he just focused on teaching on his interactive biology website which allows him to help people on his own terms. After awhile he got the itch to teach at the University level and was able to network his away into a meeting with the chair of the hiring department. Since he didn’t have a doctorate degree they weren’t even going to consider him for the position, but after showing him what he was already doing with Interactive Biology he was able to get an interview and eventually land the Job.

After showing some success in the blogging sphere he was offered the opportunity to run BecomeABlogger.com which he gladly accepted. On that site he teaches people how to create a blog that matters. So for awhile he was running two blogs as side hustles while being a university professor, but he knew in the long run it wasn’t going to work. After some members in his family had medical issues and he wasn’t able to visit them for as long as he wanted to due to his job he knew he had to quit and build his business full-time.

So after starting blogging in 2008 this past summer, in 2014, he was able to walk away from his job and he shares this journey with us in this interview.

In this interview with Leslie we talk about:

  • How his blog helped him land his dream job
  • How Leslie Samuel stumbled upon blogging
  • Why the resume is overrated
  • Why you should get your video transcribed on your site
  • Why he started podcasting
  • How he was able to balance a family, job and two side hustles
  • Why you should get started right away with your blog even if you don’t fee l like you are ready

Cool things mentioned in the show:

Feature Download: Download the FREE checklist of the 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Launching a blog. (Download Now)
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