Episode 40: Living A Healthy Life While Building Your Side Hustle w/ Pamela Levin

Passionately-Pam_053_edit-e1362682177741Unfortunately a lot of things can end up getting neglected while you are trying to build a business while working a full-time job. If we neglect this one thing we will not be able to benefit from all the hard work we have put in. That one thing is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So I brought in a expert to tackle health in a way that will be beneficial to those with a side hustle.

Meet Pamela Levin from PassionatelyPam.com. She has a background in engineering, a Masters in Business Administration and commercial real state. After a few years she got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to follow her passion for health and well being. She now dedicates herself to inspiring others to optimize their health through balanced lifestyle, positive thinking and practicing their life purpose.

In today’s interview with Pamela Levin we cover 7 areas to focus on for a healthy and well balanced life while building a part-time business:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Exercise often
  3. Sleep
  4. Quality time with yourself
  5. Having fun time
  6. Connected to a network
  7. Resiliency

Cool things mentioned in the show:

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