Episode 52 – How One Man Went From Making $7 Per Hour to $165 w/ Primoz Bozic

Primoz BozicPrimoz Bozic, a native of Solvenia, started his professional career as a computer programmer making $7 a hour. After realizing that he wouldn’t want to do that for the rest of life he turned to his mentor who in turned exposed him to a new and better way of living. One of the people that his mentor introduced him to was Ramit Sethi, a world renowned author and entrepreneur. After taking some of his courses and studying his blog posts he finally found what he was looking for and was ready to take control of his financial life and launch his own business. So he started some coaching on this side while working his job and attending university. After a few years, a lot of focus and hard work he has been able to grow his productivity consulting business to $165 per hour.

In this interview with Primoz we talk about:

  • How to bounce back after his first business failure
  • How he started as a productivity coach for poker players
  • How he found his first client
  • Why he ended his close to six figure a year consulting business
  • How to connect with really successful people
  • How to ensure you take action
  • What to do when you don’t feel like you don’t have enough time
  • How to be more productive
  • Why you should stop being busy and start focusing on things that matter
  • And much more…


Cool things mentioned in the show:

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  • http://avelardolopez.com/ Mr.Avelardo Lopez (MrSuave)

    Wow David!!! This was a great episode. I really loved the part where Primoz spoke about asking yourself if your activity is going to help lead you to more money. As well loved how he pointed out how people tend to waste time on pointless tasks that are not really the focus of what is really making money. Loved that. Thank you for sharing this episode. – Mr. Avelardo Lopez / aka: Mr. Suave / http://www.AvelardoLopez.com

    • David Hutcherson

      Mr. Suave! Glad you enjoyed it my man. It was really a good episode and helped me personally put somethings in perspective.

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