Episode 54 – A Low to No Money Down Way to Get Started In Real Estate as a Side Hustle w/ Ben Grise


Ben GriseReal Estate can be a great side hustle that can help you generate a lot of income fast, but can usually be intimidating to most. That was definitely not the case with Ben Grise. Ben was definitely open to the idea since he deals with intimidation all the time being a semi-professional poker player. He has done pretty well playing poker on the side and has even made it to a final table for a World Series of Poker event. For those not familiar with the game, it’s like the Super Bowl of Poker. He is also a Husband, a new father, a EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Consultant as well as a Real Estate Investor. Needless to say he has a lot on his plate, but understands the concept of multiple streams of income. Ben has been actively investing in Real Estate over the past year and has completed close to 8 deals with zero or low money down. Now he will share this strategy with us in this interview.

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In this interview with Ben Grise we talk about:

  • Ben’s successful poker career
  • Why poker is becoming a young person sport
  • How he got started in Real Estate
  • What is  Real Estate wholesaling
  • How to build a buyers list
  • What it takes to be a good wholesaler
  • How to find a good mentor
  • How to find a good deal
  • The details of a wholesale transaction
  • What can happen if someone defaults on their contract with you
  • How he was able to turn $1,000 into $12,000
  • And much more…


Cool things mentioned in the show:

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  • Ben Grise

    Pleasure to be featured on the show David!

  • Ben Grise

    It was a pleasure to be featured on the Show David!

    • David Hutcherson

      Thanks so much for coming on and drop mad nuggets!

  • NewSchoolLeader

    Awesome info! Keep up the good work!

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