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Bigcommerce is the leading e-­commerce platform for Small and Medium sized Businesses, enabling them to easily launch professional online stores in hours, not weeks or months. Existing clients Gibson Guitar, Pandora Jewelers, Willie Nelson’s Shop and others are using Bigcommerce’s built-­in e-­commerce and marketing capabilities to sell more with less effort. Bigcommerce was founded in 2009 by two Aussies turned part-­time Texans with a vision to build a scalable, powerful e-­commerce platform for Small and Medium sized Businesses. Click Here to experience Bigcommerce for yourself. (This is an affiliate link)


Every successful business owner will tell you that the key to building your business online lies in creating an email list. Aweber is a great email marketing system that allows you to capture emails and staying in constant contact with your ideal clients. Not only is it an extremely powerful tool but also a very simple one to use. I highly recommend using Aweber plus you can try it out for only $1. (This is an affiliate link)

Host Gator

This is my website hosting service of choice. I have been using them for a few years now and I have never had any problems (and plus the they are pretty inexpensive which is very important). You can get hosting for unlimited domains for just $5 a month. Sounds like a deal to me. I highly recommend Host Gator. (This is an affiliate link)

Success Magazine

“Empty your wallet in your mind and you mind will fill your wallet”. I love this quote because one of the best business decisions you can make is by investing in self education and learning from other successful people. Success magazine is one of the best resources to provide you the skills, motivation and knowledge to be successful. The CD that you receive every month with interviews from all of the most successful people in the world spanning all paths is worth it alone. You will hear and read great stories from great people such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Denzel Washington, Usher, Martha Stewart, Elon Musk and many many more. Click here to check out the subscription. (This is an affiliate link)


This site will literally be a game changer for your business if you are a part-time entrepreneur.  This is a freelance site where you can get pretty much anything done for as little as $5. Banners for websites, intro videos, voice overs, facebook pages, websites set up and even a guy in a diaper singing you happy birthday (might not be related to your business but entertaining none the less). Make sure to check Fiverr out. You will be pretty darn surprised what you will find.

Stitcher Radio

I can accredit a lot of my success to this app that is available on Iphone, Android and other devices. I listen to podcasts daily to learn more about business and marketing to help grow my my business. It is definitely worth checking out.You are able to get the freshest episodes of your favorite podcasts and radio shows streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad – no downloading or syncing.  Click here to check out their site.

Training is a key component to success, but the most important part is to be trained by the right people. People that will lead you down a path that are to your goals. Three of the most successful and trusted entrepreneurs online, Adam Baker, Pat Flynn and Rick Mulready has hand picked the best online training from around the internet and bundled it in a specific package that targets the needs and growing pains of entrepreneurs. They partnered with the experts who’ve created this education to come together for 72 hours and offer everything at one low price. Click here to visit the site. (this is an affiliate link)


One of the most important pages for a website is a squeeze/capture page. This page allows you to capture one of the most important assets on the web, a person’s email address. The problem in the past is that these type of pages where complicated to create and you needed a rocket science degree…well maybe not but skills as a web designer. Not anymore, this is the simplest way to create high converting capture pages with out any design or technical background. It is the simplest and best platform currently on the market for squeeze pages. It is just drag and drop. To see how simple it is just click here and see for yourself. (affiliate link)


This is one of the most innovated ways I have seen to use YouTube videos to generate leads. This plugin allows you to request a person’s email address at any point in the video. They literally enter their information right on top of video. The great thing about it is that only only can you know use your YouTube videos to capture leads but you can also use other’s people’s videos to capture leads. Yes that’s right, you don’t even have to create the video to use it. It is so simple that if you know how to share a YouTube video you will know how to use this plugin. To see how cool it is click here and check it out for yourself. (affiliate link)

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