That darn dog barking in the window

Yorkie in windowIt’s 7 AM and you rush out the door so you can catch the train to work. Like always you pass in front of your neighbor’s house and Little PePe gets started with his normal routine. Little Pepe, a yorky dog, comes to the window and he starts barking at you like there is no tomorrow every time you pass by.

It’s almost like you stole his bowl of milk when he was a puppy. He is one angry sounding dog. You just shake your head and say, “That darn dog”. The one thing you can say is that he is consistent and persistent. For months and months, on your way to work, he comes to the window and gives you a lashing with his barks.

One day, your neighbor Mrs. Matthews decided that she wants to get back to pre-baby weight. With that being the case, during your normal routine at 7 AM you see Mrs. Matthews and Little Pepe coming out of the house as she prepares for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

So you take off towards Mrs. Matthews and Little PePe. This is your first face to face encounter with Little Pepe. From his actions in the window you assume he will chew your ankles off. You get less than a few feet away and guess what he does? He starts whimpering and hides behind Mrs. Matthews with his tail between his legs.

After all these months of barking his life away, he finally has the opportunity to back up his bark and what does he do? Nothing. Apparently he much rather bark then back it up.

How long have you been barking in the window?

“I can’t stand my job”

“If I had a few more hours a day I would get so much done”

“All I need is a lucky break”

“If I ever get my chance”

“I wish I didn’t have to go into work”

“I’m tired of working for someone else”

“If I just had $500 more a month I would be good”

Sometimes we find ourselves talking about wanting so much more but once we have an opportunity to do something about it we don’t take action. We find ourselves complacent with complaining.

I can say this because I have been there.

I am currently on the journey of breaking free from the shackles of a 9 to 5 five job. With this, well over 50 hours a week are dedicated to my full time job while the rest of the time I try to fit in building business activities after hours. A few months ago I remember saying to myself, “Man, do you know how much stuff I would get done if I just had a whole day during the week to work on my business instead of going to my job.”

Well I took a vacation day with the idea that I was going to knock out an unbelievable amount of work…but it didn’t happen. Let me sleep in a little bit because I’m really tired. Well let me rest up and watch a little TV first before I get started. Ok, now I’m a little hungry so let me grab something to eat. You know what, now that I ate, let me take a quick nap so I can be fully rested. Ok, now I feel better but this is a good movie I haven’t seen in awhile.

Next thing I know it was 6 pm and I hadn’t accomplished anything I wanted to do. I wasted the whole day but let me have been at work I would have been “barking” wishing I was home. I realized that I was that darn dog in the window. This was an eye opener for me.

How many times in your life have you asked and even prayed for an opportunity to change your life but when you had a chance, you didn’t take advantage it or even worse, you didn’t even take a look at it. One of the biggest misconceptions in life is that opportunity knocks. That is not true. Opportunity tip toes around life quietly and only goes to those who are willing to grab it.

My plea to you is that you take an honest look in the mirror and be true with yourself. Are you a person who is just comfortable complaining or are you willing to take action and back up your bark with your bite. Opportunity constantly surrounds you, just open your mind and when you see it take action or else you are going to end up looking out the window barking at others’ success.

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