Episode 49 – Transitioning From Employee to Entrepreneur w/ Katie Weiler

Katie WeilerKatie Weiler, originally from Des Moines, IA but currently residing in San Diego, Ca, is an entrepreneurial transition coach that works with high performing women. Katie is a former sider hustler herself because she started her coaching career while working for The Foundation in their customer experience department.  She just recently left The Foundation to become a full-time entrepreneur in July of 2014.


In this interview with Katie we talk about:

  • How she got her first paying client
  • How it is to work for The Foundation
  • How to turn a free client into a paying client
  • What’s a transition coach
  • The biggest issues that can arise when you are transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Why you should study copy
  • And much more…


Cool things mentioned in the show:


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